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Temporary Sale Price: Shifters in Seattle Complete Box Set

Do you love having a tall pile of books to completely spoil yourself with hours of delicious reading? I sure do. That’s why I put all five “Shifters in Seattle” titles together for you in one box set. It’s five complete stories, and only $3.99 or free to read on Kindle Unlimited. Click here to grab your copy now. Prices go up soon!


Shifters in Seattle

Shifters live among us. And they thrive best in Seattle, hometown of billionaire bear shifters and the curvy women strong (and lucky!) enough to love them. Join Amy, Steph, Cleo, Frankie, and Rachel—and their hunky shifters—in five complete interlocking romances. Shifters in Seattle will bring you to the edge of your seat, make you laugh out loud, and inspire your steamiest fantasies.

Five complete STANDALONE tales for readers who love their romance with sexy shifters and sassy women. Shifters in Seattle is a series of sexy standalone, paranormal novellas.

Only $3.99 at Amazon and free to read on Kindle Unlimited. Grab your copy now by clicking here.

Emotion, intrigue, fun, fated love–and a foundling bear cub!

Is the lost cub a shifter? Read About a Bear to find out!


Curvy Rachel never expects to fall head over heels–for a lost bear cub! And the hot bear shifter at its side is a doctor? Icing on the cake, as far as she’s concerned. At least until they’re forced to live in the same apartment and their desire grows. Rachel knows better than to let herself go when he’s clearly hiding something big, but she learns that when love comes knocking, you never know who is standing outside. The question is, can Rachel put aside her fears long enough to open the damn door?

Billionaire bear shifter Thomas instantly knows Rachel is his fated mate. But a case of mistaken identity has left them both floundering in the face of their mutual desire. When a deadly animal trader tracks them down, Thomas takes on the biggest battle of his life to keep the ones he loves safe. But after the dust settles, will Thomas still be holding the love and family he so deeply craves?

A STANDALONE tale for readers who love their romance with sexy shifters and sassy women, About a Bear is the fifth novella in Shifters in Seattle, a series of sexy standalone, paranormal romances.

Only $0.99 at Amazon and free to read on Kindle Unlimited. Grab your copy now by clicking here.

(Please note: The spicy HEA is in the epilogue. Don’t miss it!! About a Bear is for over 18 readers only.)

It Happened One Bear Now Available!

I’m so happy to announce that It Happened One Bear is now available! It’s just 99 cents, or free to read with Kindle Unlimited. Click here to get your copy!

It Happened One Bear is the fourth book in Shifters in Seattle, a series of steamy standalone, paranormal romances.

As always, thank you so much for reading my stories. My readers mean the world to me and I’ll do ANYTHING to make you happy. So don’t hesitate to ask.

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IT HAPPENED ONE BEAR (Shifters in Seattle 4)

Frankie isn’t looking for love. Not in Seattle. But when celebrity crush Cliff Tatum dazzles her on the red carpet, she can’t resist his charm or his hot caresses. After their budding romance is hijacked by his reality star ex-girlfriend and her camera crew, Frankie ends up working for the demanding alpha shifter she almost bedded. Now Frankie must fight her desire for Cliff while trying to survive the weekend from hell. And when Cliff needs her help to stay alive, will Frankie find a new career or the love of a lifetime?

Everyone knows Cliff Tatum is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. No one knows he’s an alpha bear shifter, or that he’s fighting Illness X, a shifter disease that messed him up good. Right now, the only thing that makes sense in Cliff’s life is Frankie, and his bear’s insistence that he claim her as his fated mate. Hell, he can hardly keep his hands off her soft curves! When a crazy wolf shifter from his past returns to seek revenge, Cliff must fight to save his own life and possibly lose the only woman he could ever love.

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New Release! Bear Actually!

Curvy Cleo loves working for the sexy mayor of Seattle, Peter Conrad—but she has no idea he’s a shifter. No human knows. When Cleo discovers she has only a short time to get pregnant thanks to a rare genetic disease, she is determined to take Peter’s flirting to the next level and seduce him. As Cleo battles her inclination to fall in love with her sexy boss and tell him everything, she tries to stay the course toward her one chance at pregnancy. But when she finds out he’s a shifter, will she still want Peter to be her baby daddy?

Billionaire bear shifter Peter recognizes Cleo as his fated mate, but he has sworn to keep his shifter life a secret from his constituents—including the only woman he could ever love. When a disgruntled lawyer threatens to expose Peter’s double life, he must choose whether to save the shifter community or his one true love. Having a baby is out of the question, or is it?

A STANDALONE novella for readers who love their romance with sexy shifters and sassy women. Bear Actually is the third book in Shifters in Seattle, a series of sexy standalone, paranormal romances.

$0.99 to buy and free to read on Kindle Unlimited. Get your copy now!




Available now! Bear with Benefits!

They’re just friends. It’s just sex. Trouble is? He’s a bear shifter and she’s his fated mate.

Curvy nurse Steph has sworn off relationships. Plus she hates Rex, the most arrogant doctor at her hospital. Once fate throws them together, though, they can’t help but become friends. With benefits. When nothing goes as planned, his primal ways wear down her defenses and and Steph has to fight to take a chance on true love.

Billionaire bear shifter Rex recognizes Steph as his fated mate, but keeps it casual so she’s not scared off. While he courts the only woman he could ever love, he must also battle a mysterious disease devastating the Seattle shifter community and a monstrous outsider who will do whatever it takes to stop the disease–even murdering innocent shifters. But when Rex has to choose, does he save his true love or his family?

When love is a four letter word, happily ever after is fate’s way of getting it right.

A STANDALONE novella for readers who love their romance with sexy shifters and sassy women. Bear with Benefits is the second book in Shifters in Seattle, a series of sexy standalone, paranormal romances.

FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited + $0.99 on Amazon.

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You’ve Got Bear Now Available!

Hello, everyone! Ready to meet Amy and Zach? ‘Cause they’re finally ready to meet you! This standalone, paranormal romance is hot off the press! Grab your copy now!

You’ve Got Bear is a 20,000 word BBW bear shifter romance available exclusively on Amazon for the limited-time price of 99 cents, and free to subscribers of Kindle Unlimited!

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In life, they’re at odds. On e-mail, they’re in love.

Curvy chocolatier Amy has finally found the perfect storefront. What she doesn’t know is that her mysterious landlord-to-be is a billionaire bear shifter—and she is his fated mate. Trouble is? Zach’s the reason she’s so goddamn desperate in the first place. It would be easier to hate him if the thought of him didn’t melt her panties, but she could never trust him.

Grizzly bear shifter Zach doesn’t have time to court Amy the way she deserves. He’s too busy protecting his billionaire family from savage wolf shifters attacking their properties across the Pacific Northwest. He knows she wants him, and he helped her business, so why won’t she trust that he’s serious about her? Zach is a shifter who knows how to get what he wants, but convincing Amy of his love might be the biggest challenge he’s ever faced.

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You've Got Bear by Truli Thorne